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Updated: Jan 30


Dear Client. As the current situation with COVID-19 develops we have brought together all the latest advice and guidelines from the Health and Safety Executive and our Regulatory body Qualsafe.

1) Various qualifications including Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW), First Aid at Work (FAW) and Paediatric Qualifications (PFA) will have their certificate expiry date extended by 3 months. This is for certificates expiring on or after 16th March 2020.


2) Due to the spread of COVID-19 and the restrictions put in place by the British Government and Worldwide we at First Aid Training Solutions will now pause all but essential face to face training.Essential could include those who work in:ConstructionSchools (see full statement below)ManufacturingCare HomesSupermarkets and other front line services

3) Where a risk based assessment has been carried out and it is deemed that it is necessary to have face to face training Qualsafe have supplied us with detailed instructions on how to deliver this training. It includes the size of the classroom and number of learners, the use of hand sanitisation and face shields and new learning techniques to ensure social distancing is maintained. Our aim at First Aid Training Solutions is to ensure that we can continue to teach important skills in the safest way possible for both the learners and trainers and while advice is changing quickly, we hope that this helps you to decide your next course of action.

Please email or call 01638 318835 for any further information

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